Temple Project

Jai Sri Ram!


Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple, a full service Hindu temple and a registered Non-Profit Organization welcomes and thanks you heartily for your visit to its official website.

Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple (SBAT) was started with the noble idea of propagating the highest values of Sanathana Dharma by serving the community at large by regularly conducting poojas for Loka Kshema (greater good of the world), Sloka classes for the kids, Veda classes for the eager minded young and elderly in the gurukula system of education and to serve the Hindu community with the Shodasha Karmas (16 important duties/activities) that a human being needs to undergo through one’s life cycle.

At present SBAT is in its very early stage of the temple development and offers its religious services out of small premises in the 43 acre religious zoning approved site at Ijamsville (Urbana), MD. The future objective is to raise a 36ft Hanuman temple at the 43 acre lot with the blessings of Lord Hanuman and with the support of a committed congregation like you. The photos below on this page showcase the lot acreage and the building facilities at the site. A small house on the lot currently serves as an interim temple with Lord Hanuman, Sri Rama, Lakshmana & Matha Sita, Sri Lakshmi Narayana, Sri Kashi Vishwanatha with Vishalakshi, Sri Ganesh & Sri Udupi Krishna with Guru Raghavendra The temple also has a kitchen facility to prepare naivedhyam & prasadham. Annadhanam (Prasadham) is currently offered on the weekends and the temple intends to expand this service to the whole week to offer prasadham to devotees.

SBAT reaches out to you to offer your generous support in all and any way you can to help us build this temple to honor Lord Hanuman, and to spread the true meaning of Sanathana Dharma in the USA. We welcome all donations in good faith towards the upliftment of our culture, faith, heritage, social support services, community outreach initiatives and services.