Ganapathi Abhishekam


The Importance of 24 Dravyas Used in Abhishekam

Abhishekam is performed to deities to absolve the devotee of his sins and take him closer to the divine. Ego, jealousy, and pride are surrendered at the feet of the divine and the atma is opened for spiritual advancement. 

Abhishekams involving 24 dravyas are considered very auspicious and each of the dravyas have a spiritual significance. A list with the benefit derived from using those dravyas are given below.

Maha Ganapati Temple will be performing this auspicious abhishekam on Wednesday, September 16. We invite you to witness this abhishekam to Lord Maha Ganapati and derive the blessings of the Lord.


ChaturvimsathiDhravyas (Twenty FourItems)


1.     Water - purity

2.     Sugandha Oil (Sandal wood, Jasmine oil)- Spiritual advancement

3.      Rice Flour – Begets the power to rule wisely

4.     Amla Powder – Elevation to a higher spiritual plane

5.     Turmeric Powder - Auspiciousness

6.     Cardamom, Edible Camphor,  Clove, Saffron and Nutmeg Mixed Powder -

7.     Panchakavyam (Mixture of Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Ghomayam and GhoJal) – enhances positive energy and restrains negative forces.

8.     Panchamirtham – Long life and good health

9.     Banana – Welfare of family

10.   Orange Juice- Victory

11.   Mango Juice – Destruction of long ailments

12.   Pomegranate Juice – Fertility and prosperity

13.  Milk – All around happiness

14.  Yogurt – Good health

15.  Honey – Physical vigor and vitality

16.   Sugarcane Juice – Destruction of sorrow

17.   Tender Coconut Juice  - Prosperity of self and progeny

18.  Kewda Flower Water – Spiritual elevation

19.  Rose Water- Balances emotions

20.  Chandan - Sandal Paste- Prosperity of one’s children

21.  Vibhuti- Destruction of sins

22.  Pancha Sankha abhishekam (Five Conches filled with Ganga Water) – Success and purity

23.  Sahasra Dhara abhishekam – Abhishekam using a plate with a thousand holes.

24.  Swarna abhishekam – Destruction of harmful effect of jealousy