The Secrets of Mystic Hinduism


This section deals with known, unknown, secrets, beliefs, rituals, practices, history and philosophy of esoteric, mystic Hinduism. One of the dominant features of Hinduism is the secrecy associated with many of its practices. Historically, the higher aspects of Hinduism and mystic Hinduism were reserved for a few qualified practitioners. The scripture state that the deeper secrets of the Hinduism should be revealed only to the most qualified people and even that should be done by adept gurus at their discretion and according to the spiritual progress of their disciples. Because Hinduism is an ancient religion with its roots both in the ritual and spiritual traditions of ancient India, it is difficult to know it fully without spending considerable time in its study. To practice Hinduism, you may not require much effort, but to know it and master it, you need specialized knowledge, which cannot be done unless you study its scriptures and their subtle nuances.

Hinduism is complex religion. Its scriptures abound in symbolism while its rituals have manifest content and hidden content. Many secrets of Hinduism will never be made public because they are revealed under an oath of secrecy. In this section on we intend to publish essays on the esoteric and mystic aspects of Hinduism, which are in common knowledge. They are the hidden secrets of Hinduism, which are generally not revealed to the public. Their knowledge will help the readers understand its range and depth as a religion of the body, the mind and the spirit.

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